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It’s all about the braai

Recipes from the Swartland Independents Kitchens

Salmon Tartare - Lammershoek Bobotie - David Wines

Lammershoek - Salmon Tartare

David Wines - Bobotie

Venison Tagiatelle - Hofstraat Cellars Peposo - Mullineux Family Wines

Millineux Family Wines - Peposo

Hofstraat Cellars - Venison Tagiatelle

Thai Green Chicken Curry - Kloovenburg

Kloovenburg Thai Green Chicken Curry

Warthog Ribs - Testalonga Wines

Testalonga Wines - Warthog Ribs

Paela Mare - The Wine Kollective

The Wine Kollective - Paela Mare

The Swartland Independants ia group of like-minded wine-growers in the Swartland region of the Western Cape. What they share most of all, these producers, is a wish to make wines that are a true expression of their origin - of the broad landscape of the Swartland. Wines that, though coming from different cellars and sometimes different areas, will all speak of the greater landscape - wines that will, in a sense, bear the DNA of the region.

These recipes are from the kitchens of some of the Swartland Independent members, and are all paired with one of their wines.